Registration & Entrance Test

1. Filling of Registration form

a. Name
b. Age
c. Mobile Number
d. Email ID

2. Medical Check-up
(Free after registration)

a. Height
b. Weight
c. Any Deformity
d. Knock Knees
e. Blood Pressure
f. Pulse
g. Flat Foot
h. Eye Sight

3. Physical fitness test (To check the aptitude and service)

a. 1.6 Km Run
b. Pull-ups
c. Zic-Zac Beam balance
d. 9 feet ditch

4. Entrance Test (To check the aptitude and service)

a. 100 mins and 100 marks
b. Syllabus as a matriculate entry
c. Objective type question paper
d. No negative marking

5. Interview with the candidate (Counselling)

a. His aptitude and attitude
b. Need and requirement
c. Ambition and present skill level
d. Performance in Medical, Physical and Written tests
e. Counselling with guardian/parent if required

6. Allotment

Allotment of best possible Entry (NDA/Matriculate) and Service (Army Navy and Air Force) depending on performance and data in the above five paragraphs.