As compared to other professions in the civilian world, the Indian Navy has a great deal to offer to young men and women.

Life at Sea

A far cry from duty ashore. For one thing, while at sea, you will be putting all your skills and determination to the actual test. You will be given responsibility and will be doing an important job for which you would be uniquely trained.

Of course, sea duty does not mean you will spend all your time at sea. Your ship will have its own ‘home port’ and you will spend a fair amount of your time in or close to that port. At sea, you will be excited to visit far-flung places in India and abroad, which you may have only read or heard about.

Life at sea is full of challenges and immense satisfaction. While you are at sea, the Navy looks after the welfare of your family like its own.

Whether on a ship or submarine, personnel are provided with sufficient living spaces. Each personnel is assigned a “berthing area,” which includes a locker for storage, as well as a “bunk” for sleeping. The chefs in the galleys (kitchen) constantly prepare food for hundreds of men. There are dining halls for the men to dine. Mess decks are not just areas to sleep, but are also for recreation – personnel can kick back and watch television or play games.