Life in IAF


As an Officer, a warrior, in the Air Force, you’re tasked with upholding the constitution and protecting India’s freedom. The responsibility is enormous, but it’s not only about work it’s also about living well. Quality of life is an important attribute of Air Force life and has no parallel in the civil sector. This life offers you challenge, adventure, excitement, honour, prestige, self-respect, content family life, safety and security for self and family and not to forget the social status, respect and esteem of your countrymen. Besides being a noble service to the motherland and an honourable profession to be proud of, life in the IAF gives variety, adventure and challenge. It provides the best of facilities be it recreation, sports, medical, education or clubs and institutes. The lifestyle imbibes in us a healthy well-being and a regime for life. The quality time we are able to spend with our family, social bonding with our counterparts, lifetime relations we nurture and the all-willing, all-time support from the extended family have boundless value.

Our Values

Certain Core values are ingrained into Air Force Officers during their training. Most people would have heard of loyalty, duty, respect, service, honour, integrity and courage but as warriors, you learn them and from then on, live them every day in everything you do – whether on the job or off.