Defence Life

What the Army offers you

Army offers a brilliant career. Every year 30-35 lakh individuals appear for recruitment in Army, which offers role of a leader, opportunities full of diverse challenges, a distinctive career to serve the nation, handsome salary, adventure, sports, altruism, sacrifice and no end to this.

The unique career offers the following facilities to all Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks:

• Salary starting at five figures for JCOs/ORs and six figures for Officers
• Free medical facilities for self and dependent
• Leave up to 90 days in a year
• Free railway warrants
• Free Government accommodation
• Entitled Ration
• Free Uniform/Clothing etc
• CSD facilities
• Club facilities
• Sports and Adventure activities
• Pension and Lucrative Terminal benefits (Eligibility for pension as per govt policy)

Above all one gets respect from one and all, and opportunities to learn and grow as a complete human being.